We Are

We are a group of people passionate about creating unique & effective solutions for improving the daily life of millions in specific markets by utilizing proven & state-of-the-art scalable technologies, subsystems and products. We envision our solutions as "GLocal" - that is, solutions that address the unique local conditions and needs but rely on globally proven elements.

Our approach is "enthusiastic collaboration and borrowing" - by collaborating and co-creating with recognized partners/vendors with proven customizable products for the target conditions. We believe in achieving sustainable innovation by establishing and leveraging win-win relationships with key eco-system partners/vendors.

By combining cloud, mobility and other key elements, we focus on solutions which enable useful automation, tracking, tracing, measuring, monitoring, control and response systems. These are differentiated in the degree of autonomy - primarily independent of any limitations of legacy or lack of existing infrastructure. They are designed to be eco-friendly, easy to use & manage, cost-effective, readily deployable anywhere anytime.

We identify our solutions under various overlapping verticals: Hosted/Managed Cloud Service Delivery, Internet of Things, Situational/Ambient Awareness, Security & Surveillance, Autonomous Automation Systems.


Product Engineering:
We cater to the mobile ecosystem by offering product/system engineering services to various players in the value chain including silicon/processor vendors, device OEM/ODMs, operators/service providers and independent value added application providers


Mobile Apps:
Cloud Connect based Mobile Applications that simplify and enhance lifestyle and productivity integrating location awareness, social profile and seamless multi-modal, multimedia communication capabilities

Mobile Backend as a Service Platform:
For Developers of Enterprise and End Consumer solutions

"Embedded meets Mobility":
End-to-End ready to deploy systems solutions for specific vertical use cases under emerging "Internet of Things" targeted at HealthCare, Remote Monitoring, Home/Enterprise Secuirty, Tracking ...